HFS ACTS Employee Award

  1. All regular HFS employees, including support areas such as Business Office, IT and HR are eligible.
  2. Employees may be nominated by a supervisor, student, RA/SR, temporary employee, co-worker or peer.
  3. An employee must be in good standing to be eligible.
Components of the program:
  1. Each of the 7 components of the HFS ACTS will be featured for a time period throughout the calendar year.
  2. A variety of additional education and reinforcement of the featured “ACT” will be provided to employees throughout the designated time period.
  3. Nominations will be accepted for staff members who demonstrate that particular “ACT.”
  4. Each winner will receive $750, an HFS ACTS award, and will be featured in a video for the HFS website.
  5. At the conclusion of the calendar year, the 7 winners and their nominators be invited to lunch with AVP Beth McCuskey
  6. An employee may receive one award per calendar year.

HFS ACTS - Values

Highly Collaborative: HFS achieves the highest levels of success for Purdue and for our students by working together. HFS is committed to collaborating with partners on campus, in our communities and in our professions.

Partner with others to make a strong team
Staff must work well together both throughout and outside HFS to achieve success.

Focused on Learning: HFS learns by trying new things and through analyzing our efforts. As educators, we create opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom. We encourage our staff to learn through professional development and through mentoring.

Help those around you rise to the challenge of being the best they can be
Staff encourage each other’s success.

Stewards of Our Resources: HFS protects our resources through sound financial management, attending to facility needs, and creating a culture that supports our staff and our students. HFS is committed to sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.

Look for green opportunities to make things better
Staff willingly share ideas to improve the organization and to save resources.

Accountable and Respectful: HFS strives for transparency with the multiple constituents it serves.

Remember that how you accomplish something is just as important as what you accomplish
Staff create opportunities for others to be successful. Staff listen to each other.

Clear in Our Purpose and Vision: HFS aligns the work of our staff with the bigger picture through articulated vision, values, and virtues statements.

Lead through your actions
Staff strive to be exemplary in their work and in their attitudes to each other.

Team-Oriented and Community Builders: HFS creates community within Purdue and encourages its members to work together to achieve organizational success.

Develop community through inclusion, support, and active participation
Staff encourage open dialogue, mentoring, and collaboration as they strive for success.

Seeking Excellence and Innovation: HFS encourages new ideas and replicates successful ones throughout the organization.

Strive for improvement in all things
Staff look for opportunities to make things better and offer suggestions for improvement.
2014 Program Dates
January 1 – February 14 Highly Collaborative
February 17 – April 4 Focused on Learning
April 7 – May 23 Stewards of Our Resources
May 26 – July 4 Accountable and Respectful
July 7 – August 22 Clear in Our Vision and Purpose
August 25 – October 10 Team–Oriented and Community Builders
October 13 – November 28 Seeking Excellence and Innovation